Tompkins Wake - Mobility at the core of digital strategy

Tompkins Wake are one of New Zealand’s leading law firms and the premier law firm in the Waikato region. Headquartered in in Hamilton, with offices in Auckland, Rotorua and Tauranga the firm employs over 100 people. They use InfinityLaw as their practice management system.

The firm sees technology as a key tool to help their staff service their clients and were the first firm in New Zealand to implement the RedView platform, with all lawyers now having the RedView Mobile app.

“Mobility is a core driver in our digital strategy. Giving our team the ability to easily access information about matters and clients whenever they need it is crucial to providing our clients a responsive and efficient service” says Matthew Vaughan, Tompkins Wake’s Manager Information and Communication Technology. “The smartphone is the ideal device to do this. Our team is more connected than ever before”.

RedView Mobile integrates with InfinityLaw and provides lawyers with information about clients and their matters in an easily digestible format on their smartphone. The lawyer can see what is happening whenever they want, wherever they are.

In addition to this, the app allows Tompkins Wake lawyers to record time via their mobile phone. The simplicity of the RedView app means that time is easily captured there and then, including dictated billing notes. Phone calls made are also timed and captured as timeslips. All time captured using the mobile device is automatically posted back to the InfinityLaw timesheet, ready for final review and billing.

“Giving our people the ability to capturing time on their mobile device means more accurate time capture” says Tompkins Wake CEO Jon Calder “This is better for both the lawyer and the client. RedView simplifies the time capture process and we are seeing the benefits from that already”.