Gold Stone Lawyers - meeting the challenges of family law

“If I capture two units a month that I would otherwise have lost, then I’ve more than covered the cost of RedView. But it’s more than that, I know I can work in a way that really suits me and easily get to information and documents when I need them, which helps gets the best results for my clients.”  

Adrian Stone, Principal

The Firm

Gold Stone Family Lawyers are a boutique firm, based in Melbourne, who provide specialist advice in all aspects of family law. They work closely with their clients to help achieve the best outcomes from the challenges that they face. 

Adrian Stone, who established and leads the firm, has a very clear vision of how he and his team structure their work to fit with both the well-being of the team and the needs of their clients. When the firm was set up, around five years ago, he thought about how they might work and what technology they would need to support them.

The challenge

Family law work, by its nature, requires legal teams and lawyers to be able to respond both within traditional working hours and outside of them. In the past, the lawyer would have needed to be in their office during the work day and then would pick up emails and perhaps make calls after hours, at a time that suits their clients. They’d then re-construct this work activity onto their timesheets when they get back into the office, by scanning back over calls made and emails sent.

Adrian was keen to ensure that his team could do this in a way that balances their working time with their own time, and he turned to technology to help him. The firm’s technology is set up to streamline how they work and to simplify where they work. It was also selected based on how intuitive the user experience is.

The technology

The Practice uses the FilePro Practice Management System to carry the load of running their day to day business.

Adrian chose to add RedView Mobile, which is fully integrated with FilePro. It means that, if he’s out in court or working away from the office, he can access documents for the matter, see what is happening with the finances and quickly capture his work on an activity, using his smart phone or tablet, and know that this has been recorded straight into FilePro. 

The result

Adrian and his team have set up their business so that they can work in the way that best fits them and their clients. By choosing technology that closely maps to the way they work, he says that they are able to provide services that match more closely to their clients needs and helps them get better outcomes.