RedView's mobile solution to LOD's global requirements

Launched in 2007, Lawyers on Demand (LOD) pioneered New Law and is the original alternative legal service provider. With a growing team exceeding 600 lawyers worldwide the business needed a time recording platform to handle their global practice.

The firm operates multiple offices in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE and Europe. Each legal entity operates its own independent billing system, in the currency required for the client.

The LOD lawyer however can work on a matter for any entity and the firm wanted to make the process as simple as possible for their people.

RedView’s system consolidation technology makes this easy for all parties.

The RedView platform consolidates the information from all offices system into one central, cloud-based system. RedView Time is then used to enter time details and the lawyer picks the matter applicable, not having to worry about which legal entity is involved.

The app itself then adapts to the requirements of the entity, ensuring that time captured complies with the requirements of the legal entity. The platform then directs and posts the timesheet to the correct system for billing.

Prior to RedView, LOD’s lawyers captured time by completing an Excel spreadsheet at the end of a work week or sent an email with their time worked to an administrator, who then manually entered the time into correct system. Because the processes were cumbersome, lawyers had to be continually chased and the manual effort involved in interpreting and entering information was considerable.

The introduction of RedView has meant that effort in chasing lawyers and the manual entry task has disappeared, a big cost saving for the firm. On top of this, time is now being captured every day and, as a result, billing occurs more quickly.

The other key aspect of the solution has been the usability of the mobile solution. The lawyer works on site and needs a tool that is intuitive and can be used with minimal training. Today, most lawyers complete their time daily. One lawyer’s comment: “this is so simple, what’s the catch?”.

“RedView Time is easy to use, cost efficient for the practice and time efficient for the lawyer” said Divya Singh, LOD’s Finance Manager.

“The app is so easy to use, we no longer need to follow up our lawyers and consultants” said Leanne Smith, LOD’s CFO.