A simple, common interface on every device

You can track time on almost any device, from iPhones to Android, your desktop, and even Apple Watch.

You can record time in a number of ways – hours and minutes, units, start and end time, or just by using a timer. You can then easily attach this to the matters you’re currently working on.

Every time you record time you can add a billing note – using recently used text, pre-defined notes or even dictate using voice to text.

All phone calls made through RedView are automatically timed and captured. The app synchronises with your phone contacts list and records call details automatically in billing notes.


Tailor RedView to your way of working

Build short cuts for frequently used tasks or matters, work in draft mode, define default periods, matters and activities, set up favourite matters and activities, define standard billing texts – however you want to work, you can set it up in RedView.

Above this, AI techniques have been applied so that the app learns how it’s being used and then changes defaults and suggests UI modifications to make the whole experience even better.

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RedView gives you a complete view of your daily timesheet, including time captured in your back-office system and a snapshot of your day’s effort and performance.

You can see how much time you have spent on particular matters, monitor non- chargeable time, see a calendar to monitor missing time and understand the fees you’ve generated.




Coleman Greig Lawyers are capturing more time and improving their revenue using RedView.




For an in-depth look at RedView download our product feature PDF,
with more information on features like:

  • Intelligent matter search

  • Timed phone calls

  • Recording time with two taps

  • Plus more


Your law firm in your pocket

All key information about your practice is available on your phone – current financials, important dates, related parties, file notes and more.

As well as this, all your information is available 24/7 – so if your office system is having issues, you can still instantly access everything you need.


Keep an eye on your practice

RedView helps you monitor key financial indicators and tasks related to your practice. You can even tailor thresholds to meet your needs, quickly access matter details and easily initiate follow-up emails for colleagues to action.


Record time, meeting and file notes

You can record contemporaneous file and meeting notes using RedView. You can even dictate notes there and then using voice-to-text technology. The information is then held securely and timestamped to ensure accuracy.

If you are using RedView’s client service tools, you can securely message the client from your smartphone and update them on their matter.

Plus all capabilities of RedView’s time-recording functionality.


Bannerman Solicitors has streamlined their processes with RedView

Download product details

For an in-depth look at RedView download our product feature PDF,
with more information on features like:

  • Reviewing client financials

  • Timed email drafting

  • Google News integration

  • Plus more


Matter information and document access

RedView gives clients 24/7 access to information and documents, and you can automatically send them push notifications when changes are made.

By allowing your clients to access their documents at any time, you’ll reduce the number of in-bound calls (and drop-ins) helping you better invest your time.


Make your firm stand out

Your clients will receive mobile access to their matter information and documents. But, best of all, you can brand the app with your firm’s own logo and make it available via the Apple App Store and Google Play.


User management and security profiles

You can define which information or documents you want a client to see. Sensitive information remains secure and you can share information at the touch of a button.

Larger clients can see summaries of multiple matters and filter and sort information. And if they need a document for other uses, they can simply export it from RedView.

As well as this, RedView logs all activity, so tou can gain understanding into how your clients interact with your firm and which information they access.



Real Property Conveyancers have halved their inbound calls with RedView, saving time and money.

Download product details

For an in-depth look at RedView download our product feature PDF,
with more information on features like:

• Intuitive interface
• Real-time matter progress
• iPad matter access
• Plus more


Complex information, presented simply

RedView gives you an instant real-time snapshot of what is happening with your business. Key information such as new business activity, staff performance, fees versus budget, debtors lockup, aged work in progress, client billing trends, plus more, can be easily monitored.


Make data entry easy

RedView’s product extension modules streamline the new-business intake process and take minutes off the time required to enter basic client and matter information – saving you days or weeks every year.

Advanced data validation techniques using smart search and address validation routines improve data quality and further enhance the overall process.


Automate processes

RedView’s automation utilities simplify complex tasks, saving time and removing risk.

RedView’s eStatements module takes a typically manual process, costly from both a labour and materials perspective, and makes it electronic.



Pizzeys has more than doubled their forecast earning since implementing RedView/

Download product details

For an in-depth look at RedView download our product feature PDF,
with more information on features like:

• Performance Dashboards
• Simple matter maintenance
• Client intelligence
• Plus more