Proud Partner of LEAP Legal Software

You don’t need a spreadsheet to create business reports. Red Rain’s one-click LEAP reporting can help you develop reports tailored to your business requirements.

If you’re using excel to collate data into the format you need, you can save time and money through custom reports – plus ensure accuracy.

Red Rain is an accredited LEAP in the cloud Reports partner with over 20 years of combined experience with LEAP.

Reports include:

  • Basic matter information

  • Card information

  • Financial information

  • Staff financial performance information

  • General financial information

  • An extract of matter information

  • An extract of card information

  • Other reports

Red Rain have enabled us to
properly exploit the full capacity of LEAP – allowing us to obtain reports specific to our business that assist us in operating efficiently and effectively.
— Deborah Rolfe, Partner, Maliganis Edwards Johnson