How does RedView work?

RedView makes legal information available on any device for clients or staff – but how does it work?


A centralised and secure cloud server

RedView is built on secure, fast and reliable hardware infrastructure. At it’s centre is a cloud-based server, hosted by Microsoft Azure. We use Azure for its wide range of encryption capabilities, uptime guarantee, robust security architecture and privacy policies.

The central RedView server hosts matter and document information, which is optimised for online and mobile access.

It’s from this server that staff and clients can access the information that’s been made available to them  from any device with internet access.

Controlling your information on RedView

Management of both RedView Publisher and user permissions is run through the User and Admin Console. RedView is completely customisable, but some common customisations include:

  • Creating permission profiles for different types of clients or different levels of staff
  • Enabling or disabling which information is displayed in the portal and apps
  • Customising the platforms appearance to suit your client and brand

Getting your information onto RedView

Information is uploaded to the central RedView server from RedView Publisher – this can occur in two ways.

The first is what we call synchronised integration, which runs with our partner systems. RedView Publisher automatically monitors supported back-office systems and synchronises them with the central server. A number of industry leading systems are supported and new system connectors are added on a regular basis.

In this mode, RedView also collects information from RedView users and writes it back into your system every fifteen minutes, e.g. your staff’s timesheets or clients notes, messages or uploaded documents.

The second, for non-supported systems, is data import. Information is simply uploaded to RedView publisher using an excel spreadsheet.

Alternatively, RedView can be tailored to any system via a custom connector which is built on a project basis.