Real Property Conveyancing (RPC) is one of NSW’s leading regional conveyancing practices. Based in Griffith and led by Carolyn Musitano, the firm has focussed on providing superb conveyancing and legal advice to its client base in the Griffith area and greater NSW.

RPC implemented the RedView Connect platform in early 2015 and Carolyn has been delighted with the results: “Customer service has always been our number one priority. We have a lot of rural customers working on the land and they are busy people. RedView givess them access to information via their mobile phone whenever they want”.

“Hi, just wanted to say this is a fantastic app!”, Christopher B., RPC Client

Carolyn has also been pleased with the response from the real estate agents that the firm deals with: “The agents are a key part of our business network and they love having mobile access. In an instant they can see what is happening with the clients and when the settlement date and time is rather than call us. They can also get documents without having to ring us to send yet another copy! The result is that we are saving lots of time, the phone calls from these guys have almost halved”.

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