Today I’m excited to announce RedView Connect, the most recent update of our client portal product.

RedView Connect not only better communicates what RedView does (connects law firms and their clients) but includes a number of important updates:

Push and email notifications | Lawyers can automatically notify clients when certain events occur. For example, if a new document is available, clients can receive a notification on their phone and/or email.
Documents | RedView now provides clients with their own secure document store. They can upload documents against a matter and, if desired, make the document available to the firm.
Android compatibility | RedView Connect is now available on all Android devices with full capability.
Improved user experience | The app has undergone a number of small tweaks to enhance usability.

Finally, I’m proud to announce that with over 40 firms now using RedView Connect, we’re a world leader for client-access technology. The recent ILTA Future Trends survey reported that 91% of respondents expect increased demand for transparency across legal processes, and this is something I’m happy to say many RedView firms are already experiencing.

To learn more about RedView’s new features, or to update your existing version of RedView (if you haven’t already), I’d love to hear from you.